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My cat watching the fish tank
I’ve had a pair of the little guys since last summer, but when I decided to add some fish to their tank, I had a lot of research to do about species compatibility and so on. This lens will be an attempt to consolidate the most critical and useful information about African dwarf frogs that I’ve found over the last several months.

I’ve also decided that my camera stinks at taking pictures of the stuff in my tank. If anybody knows a way to manually focus a Sony digital camera, let me know.


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I’ve been adding content for a while, but I think I can finally say that my solar system generation lens is complete. To commemorate its completion, I’ve tossed together a tracking sheet, simple and free for anyone to download and use in their games. It’s nothing fancy, but I figure I’ll save the pretty version for the book.


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So today I was left with an inordinately long wait at the doctor’s office. Once I had exhausted all other options for amusing myself (Reading my tweets, playing puzzle games, and contemplating on the manufacturing process of the artwork on the office wall) I decided it was time to do something useful with myself and jotted down a couple spaceships. I got about five of these done before it was my turn, but these three are the only ones I was satisfied with.

Sketch 1

After that was done, I had a quick lunch and was off to work. Now, making decals in a shopping mall is all well and good for keeping you busy most of the time, but it’s February. Even people who had money left over from Christmas have spent it by now, and of those who haven’t, most won’t be thinking about decorating their car until it’s warm enough to actually apply a decal without scraping ice off the windows first. So I was once again left with little to do. Fortunately, I do work at a decal shop. That means Illustrator is one of the (slightly) less expensive pieces of software on my hard drive.

Illustration 1

Surprisingly, my finished product versions of the ships turned out remarkably similar to the original sketches. I think I’ve finally found my way around this obnoxious illustrating barrier. The same thing happened on Tuesday when I was working on a logo – I got exactly nowhere on the Illustrator version until I had a passable working sketch drawn on a sheet of paper. It didn’t have to be perfect – and was far from it, really – but the basic shapes had to be down before I could make that creative leap.

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