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Splitting the Blog

For various reasons, I’ve decided that I need to move some of my blog content onto its own server. This will allow me to sell PDF versions of some of the rules I’ve been churning out for my science fiction mod of D&D 4th Edition. What does this mean to you? Well, if you’re here looking for lyrics to songs I’ve translated or notes on my latest writing project, it doesn’t mean a thing. I’ll still be posting those here, and that content will remain on this blog after the split has completed.

For those of you who come here looking for D&D content, it will still be here, but all of my future posts will be located at my new blog site, http://www.ironwolfgames.com/. Everything’s up and running over there, so feel free to update your bookmarks now. I do have one more post already scheduled which will appear in both locations on Wednesday morning. All posts will remain up for a time, until I’m sure that google has caught on to the change, too.

Update: All posts are now in their permanent locations, and removed from this one.


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