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Back in the Habit

Lironah Daviau scripting a carousel Who’d have thought a week ago that I’d be back in Second Life again, scripting in lsl? Certainly not me. Today’s project is a rotating, bobbing carousel horse.

All I can say is that the Java textbook I’ve been reading has gotten to me. About 36 hours ago I watched my first lsl tutorial and shortly thereafter coded a clock with moving hands, mostly as per the lesson. I had to tweak it a little because he used a square clock, and I hate square clocks. It took some juggling to get the hands moving correctly on a rotated cylinder prim instead of a boring old wooden block. I even found a most awesome wolf clock texture in my freebies.

After my success with the clock, I must have been suffering from sleep-deprivation induced insanity, because I decided to keep going. I found an old, forgotten project in my inventory – a carousel model that…well, didn’t work so well. At a tip from my dear friend Ingeborg, I stepped over to the scripting college and took notes until 2am.

When I woke up, the bug was still with me. I dug out my notes and by lunchtime I had the bobbing problem pretty much licked. Crazy, huh? Two days ago I couldn’t so much as script a “Hello Avatar”. After lunch it was on to building a prim carousel horse. Pink with blue hair seemed appropriate.

Then, as dinnertime rolled around, it occurred to me that if I was going to make these and sell them in Second Life, I was going to need some appropriately candy-flavored music to play while the horses turned. So what did I do? Did I go digging through my inventory for something cute enough? Did I spend hours on a fruitless search through SL or the internet to find some nearly-free sound bytes?

Heck no. This called for some exercise of my new free trial midi writing software. An hour later, I’d turned a snippet of tune into 48 seconds of loopable sugary goodness which you can feel free to listen to. I call it Pink Carousel. Witty, I know.

(For anyone curious, my Second Life name is Lironah Daviau.)


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